How Can Interactive 3D Product Visualization Help Your Business?

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Paula Guevara
February 16, 2022
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While growing your brand online, keeping up with consumer trends is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. 

Using interactive 3D product visualization is quickly becoming the key differentiator for online retailers. 3D product renderings don’t just attract more customers. It also helps you reduce product returns, improve customer satisfaction, and increase average order values. 

According to ecommerce experts, 2021 was the year that 3D product visualization took over the digital world. 

The two main reasons for this rapid adoption were:

  • A rush to move retail functions to digital channels as soon as possible
  • Development of the required technologies that drive these immersive and engaging experiences

Fender is using interactive 3D images with product visualization software to drive revenues from their online Mod Shop. 3D-rendered models allow customers to engage with products before deciding to buy. 


Via Fender

If you want to increase your conversions and drive up revenues, read on to see how interactive 3D product visualization works and the benefits it brings to your brand. 

How Interactive 3D Product Visualization Works

Product imagery has been a powerful tool used by marketers for almost two centuries. From simple illustrations in newspapers to half-tone line screen photographs, visual media became the hero that many brands were built on. 

Computer-aided design (CAD) changed the design landscape once computers became powerful enough to handle these software systems. Today, we can stream high-quality movies directly to a mobile phone. Interactive 3D product visualization was the next logical step for product marketing. 

The convergence of these technologies over the last decade is what makes 3D product renderings possible. 

3D product visualization works by:

  • Creating a 3D model for a product in a design system
  • Rendering the different textures, colors, and other visual elements
  • Integrating these models with your ecommerce store to provide an interactive visual experience

When your 3D product visuals also include personalized options, you’re on to a winning formula. 

What are the Advantages of Interactive 3D Product Visualization?

When you embed interactive 3D into your website, you’ll start reaping the benefits quickly. Customers gain an immersive buying experience, and you’ll see the ROI value in your increased sales. As more brands now compete only on experience, these advantages make 3D product visualization something every ecommerce shop has to consider going forward. 

Apart from these benefits, interactive 3D product visualization also:

  • Makes product validation easy – Customers are more confident when making buying decisions when they can see exactly what the product looks like from all angles.
  • Delivers accurate product information – Seeing what a customized product looks like provides more details to customers than studying a list of SKUs.
  • Provides personalization options – A 3D model gives users a real-time visual when personalizing products that helps them engage with the experience.

Although these benefits will help grow your brand, there are some technical implementations to consider. 

The loading time of your product images may take longer and that will influence your customer experience. When choosing a 3D product configurator, check for a solution that won’t add new friction points to your customer journeys. 

Learn how to build and interactive 3D model for your product,  get in touch now with ConfigureID 

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Brands that Benefit from Interactive 3D Product Visualization

Product visualization software helps brands that want to include personalization in their offerings. You can also extend your 3D capabilities using augmented reality (AR) that lets your customers place items in real-world environments. 

Interactive 3D visualization has helped brands in industries like:

  • Sports – With detailed views about the texture used in a piece of apparel, brands like Franklin Sports increased their conversions and average order values.
  • Accessories – Hydro Flask lets customers personalize their luxury travel flasks and interact with the 3D model by rotating and zooming on the images.
Hydro Flask 3D Personalization

Via Hydro Flask

  • Furniture – Ecommerce shops can increase conversions by allowing customers to place a piece of 3D furniture in their room.
  • Fashion – Beauty and fashion retailers can provide rich and immersive buying experiences using try-before-you-buy technologies.

How to Build an Interactive 3D Product Configurator

If you have products available online that you want to render in 3D, the good news is that the technology is a lot simpler now. You can start creating models of your products and embed 3D images on your site using a personalization platform like ConfigureID

You can add photorealistic 3D visuals for all your products from a simplified interface using the latest WebGL technology. When choosing a 3D visualization and product personalization solution, look for:

  • Photorealistic 3D visualizations – You can increase your conversion rates by as much as 50% if you provide fast-loading, photorealistic visualizations with interactive 3D.
  • Augmented reality – Try before you buy is very popular with customers who are looking for personalized luxury items.
  • Immersive shopping experiences – When you provide interactive 3D visualization, you should make sure it doesn’t detract from your overall online shopping experiences.
  • Integration with any platform – If you want to deploy 3D interactive images on your site, you need a personalization platform that integrates easily with your chosen ecommerce solution.

You should also look for features like configuration rules that control the personalization options and a system that works seamlessly on mobile devices. Today’s shoppers prefer mobile devices, and any time you aren’t providing them the option to use their preferred device, you are adding a roadblock to their journey. 

Why Combining Personalization and 3D Visualization is the Best Strategy

With the wealth of options available, consumers want an immersive experience paired with product personalization. As ecommerce will continue to drive the future of retail, you’ll need to future-proof your brand against an evolving digital marketplace. 

Designing the next generation of shopping experiences will be the new frontier for marketers. 3D, AR, and personalization will drive the new dot-com boom in the 2020s. 

Deploying Interactive 3D Product Visualization with ConfigureID

At ConfigureID, we work with the world’s leading brands to deliver product personalization experiences with 3D and AR capabilities. Our team will work with any brand that needs to optimize its ecommerce solution and add 3D product visuals for real-time personalized shopping experiences. 

With our product personalization platform, your brand can increase average order values, deliver immersive shopping experiences, and provide photorealistic 3D models for all your products. 

If you want to increase your revenues by adding interactive 3D product visualization to your site, book a demo with ConfigureID today. 

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