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Franklin Sports remains one of the leading sporting goods producers, with a history of aligning the company’s business strategy with superior athletic performance. Since the company’s founding in the 1940s, the goal has always been to manufacture and supply sporting equipment and accessories that help today’s sporting heroes succeed on the field.

In 2014, ConfigureID started working with Franklin Sports to continue building its legacy and provide innovative product customization capabilities that attract loyal customers through the brand’s ecommerce website.


Leveraging Ecommerce Innovation to Stay on Top

As ecommerce has boomed over the last decade, Franklin Sports has strived to be on the cutting edge. This has meant investing in mass customization early and quickly taking advantage of emerging 3D visualization technology to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

By championing product customization and customer convenience, Franklin Sports could continue to grow the brand and reach a wider consumer base. Several major sports brands had already demonstrated the benefits of product customization – and to stay ahead of the competition, Franklin Sports needed to adopt a similar approach.

The strategic goals were:
  • Offering consumers a smart, convenient, and engaging product customization experience
  • Allowing customers to see their customizations in real-time with 3D product visualization
  • Developing new customizations with 3D product visuals using the latest WebGL technology


Adopting a More Engaging 3D Experience

Starting with a few select products, ConfigureID worked with Franklin Sports to implement product customization services on their ecommerce site in 2014 with 2D product visualization.

By 2018, ConfigureID provided UX design and page layout services, and more recently, expanded the product customization capabilities for MLB gloves (including customized logos). By 2020, ConfigureID had worked on seven different projects with Franklin Sports that allowed for customization in 18 different areas of their gloves. These initiatives led to a 45% increase in customer loyalty.

In August 2020, Franklin Sports added 3D product visualization to their custom batting gloves to continue providing an innovative and engaging ecommerce and product customization experience to their customers.


A Home Run in Pageviews and Add-to-Cart Rate

After the latest update to the Franklin Sports website and product customization features using our configurator and 3D product visualizations, they achieved:
  • An increase in average page views of 83% using the ConfigureID WebGL 3D product rendering services
  • An average add-to-cart of 12.58%, which is up to 70% higher than the industry average
Customers can now choose customized options for three types of batting gloves in 3D on the Franklin Sports website, including:
Franklin Sports realizes that product customization is something customers demand from online retailers – and when it comes to sporting goods, these options are non-negotiable. By working with ConfigureID, Franklin Sports gets a fast and professional service with a personal touch, similar to what they offer to their customers.
For more information about 3D product visualization and personalization using ConfigureID, contact us or schedule a demo today.
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