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The breakthrough for Franklin and the batting gloves came when Phillies Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt and Irving Franklin teamed up to create the basic design that is still the preferred glove of most major league hitters. Irving Franklin went to Clearwater, Florida, to meet with Schmidt during spring training in 1983. Together, they worked tirelessly to make sure that the materials and design were perfected, so collaboratively the two were the first authors. At that time, most players wore no gloves. A few wore a single golf style glove, but no company offered a product specifically designed for the needs of professional players. Franklin today is the industry leader as the premier batting glove company, and custom fits batting gloves for MLB® players.

In 1982, when Franklin signed Mike Schmidt, Irving Franklin asked: “How can I get the name Franklin on field at the Major League level?”, Schmidt suggested putting the name on the back to maximize exposure, and then helped to design the glove for lasting success at the Major League level.


Franklin was looking to differentiate their brand by empowering their customers to add a personal touch to their batting gloves. The goal was to display interactive 3D models of the gloves, develop a landing page, and offer a large variety of customization options for many different components of their gloves.


ConfigureID developed a configurator that allows Franklin's customers to design batting gloves that reflect their team colors and personal style. Each glove can be customized in 18 different places and customers also have the option of personalizing the gloves with a monogram and name.

The Franklin glove configurator shows users a highly interactive and photorealistic 3D model of each glove. It's also fully responsive across multiple devices.


With the launch of the initial version of the product configurator, customer loyalty increased by 45%. Franklin has consistently added more products to the program and they now have three fully customizable gloves. 

In addition, their conversion rate doubled and they're now able to charge a 30% premium for the custom gloves, greatly increasing their AOV.
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