How Can Customers Customize Products in Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

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Paula Guevara
February 9, 2022
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Understanding your customer’s needs and wants is only a part of the e-commerce equation. 

Giving them the freedom to customize products in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is the overall goal. Last year, the e-commerce, sales, and CRM platform everyone loves turned twenty-one. 

Started by a rebel from Oracle, Salesforce is well on its way to achieving its mission: ending software. According to stats from the company:

  • 2020 was the biggest holiday online shopping season yet
  • The same year saw a 48% increase in unique visitors to sites 
  • Digital commerce is now cemented into the hearts and minds of shoppers everywhere

As digital penetration continues to skyrocket, adding customization to products in Salesforce becomes more important. You can easily attract unique visitors and convert them to loyal buyers when you leverage the power of product customization and personalization to your site. 

Below, we cover everything you need to know about adding product customization to your SFCC site. 

Why Customers Want to Customize Products in Salesforce

For a while, retailers treated customers like a herd, using their sales data to inform buying for the next cycle. However, annual forecasts aren’t a definitive way to measure individual preference and choice. 

Just like with luxury shopping excursions, today’s consumers want choices – personalized choices. 

Call it made-to-order, personalization, configuration, or customization. Customers want to stamp products with their unique personalities or design something that fits perfectly into their living room. Product customization is the next big thing in e-commerce. 

Consider this:

  • One in five customers want the option to customize products
  • The same customers will pay a premium of 20% to get a customized product
  • Those customers who want customization also expect to be led by brands
  • Customization has come full circle now with customers wanting personalized experiences and products from the shops they regularly visit

Keep in mind that the next generation of power shoppers are cross-border aficionados. They want what they want, they want it now, and they don’t mind paying for it. 

Integrating SFCC with ConfigureID gives your customers these abilities. You can add a product customization solution that delivers engaging and immersive shopping experiences to attract new customers and increase your average order value. 

Below, we’ll tell you how to add product customization to your SFCC implementation.

Adding Product Customization to SFCC Using ConfigureID

If you are using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you should already have the code deployed on your site. For brands that are starting with SFCC now, head to this page to get started with deploying your software. 

Even if you aren’t using SFCC for your e-commerce site, there are APIs available to integrate the features with your site. Whatever SFCC implementation you currently have can be integrated with ConfigureID. 

Next, you need to head to the SFCC commerce partner page and download the ConfigureID integration code. ConfigureID works with Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) version 5.0.1.

ConfigureID’s product personalization platform integrates seamlessly with your SFCC implementation. You can then define your product customization rules and design the interface according to your needs. For those familiar with ConfigureID, the process should be fairly simple. 

If you’re new to ConfigureID’s features, then get in touch with us to see how our solutions help you stand out from the crowd.

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Top Factors to Consider for SFCC and Product Customization Integration

If you want to add product customization features to your SFCC implementation, choosing the right integrator is key. You’ll need to narrow your search down to the right SaaS solution that provides you with the required technology and scalability. 

Here are five factors to consider before integrating a product customization platform with SFCC: 

1. Platform Experience and Certification

The Salesforce ecosystem helps teams around the world to keep track of their work from a single platform. Having a certified integration partner with knowledgeable implementation engineers at your disposal will be key. 

Even with no-code platforms, there is still a learning curve involved with the implementation and administration of the system. Software implementations do fail, and not using the right partner from the start can hold back a successful implementation. 

You should look for:

  • A matured SaaS personalization platform that works with the world’s leading brands like Louis Vuitton
  • Access to a team of knowledgeable professionals who can help you build, grow, and scale your personalization capabilities
  • A solution provider that understands the latest technologies such as Salesforce Lightning Web Components and API integrations

2. System Availability

When you integrate a SaaS product personalization solution, you need the system to work all of the time. 

Whichever provider you choose will need to comply (at the very least) with the 4-nines rule of availability. This ensures that wherever your customers are accessing your site, they aren’t waiting for images to load or receiving server errors. 

3. Product Fit

Product customization can be as simple as adding color choices or as complex as designing a guitar from the ground up. 

Fender has a great demonstration in their Mod Shop where complete customization is the perfect option for a brand. 

Depending on your product range, you’ll want a solution that gives you more flexibility. 

Rule-driven customization requires a platform that’s easy to use but precise enough to maintain product integrity. 

Choose a platform that has:

  • The capability to provide 3D product renderings and augmented reality experiences
  • An intuitive interface for both the administration of the platform and the customers making changes
  • Seamless integration with SFCC and other tools available in the ecosystem

4. Evolving Capabilities

Offering customers engaging personalization experiences is an evolving science. The personalization features you need will have to keep up with your consumer expectations. 

Augmented reality is just the start. Complete personalization that includes try-on before you buy, product placement, and radical customization are all driving the evolution of e-commerce today. Keeping up will require a personalization solution that changes with the marketplace while giving you the agility you need to respond to changing consumer behavior right now. 

Opting for ConfigureID as Your SFCC Product Customization Solution

ConfigureID can help you deploy product personalization and customization with your SFCC. If you have the necessary roadmaps available, we’ll assist you with all the integration requirements. 

For brands that realize the potential product customization with Salesforce has to offer, get in touch with an SFCC integration expert at ConfigureID today. 

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