Make Product Customization Simple With Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Updated 4 years ago
Paula Guevara
November 19, 2020
2 min read

Ready to thrive in the post-pandemic world? So are we.

We’re thrilled to announce that ConfigureID’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) LINK cartridge has recently been certified and is available in the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace.

The SFCC LINK cartridge makes it faster and easier for users to implement ConfigureID for their Salesforce-powered ecommerce store.

Here’s everything you need to know about the integration for this best-in-class product customization software.

Personalize Like the Pros with Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK Cartridge

Online sales are here to stay. This year, U.S. retailers have seen a 68 percent jump in online revenue. And this trend is expected to last.

This means ecommerce retailers must brace for a new, hypercompetitive landscape where customers actively seek personalized shopping experiences.

Our product customization software for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecommerce platform lets retailers deliver an immersive online shopping experience.

For over 15 years, we've been powering product configuration for top retail brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Louis Vuitton, Fender, and Franklin Sports.

The integration delivers our powerful product customization features, seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce ecosystem. Enjoy:

  • Sophisticated customization and personalization options: From fabrics, materials, and similar features to the inclusion of user-generated content, customers will get the exact products they want.
  • Photo-realistic product visualization: 2D and 3D product imagery shows customizations in real-time to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Product bundling: Visual mix-and-match offerings allow complementary product selections.
  • Complex configuration rules: Ensure you’re always able to deliver exactly what’s ordered with rules that guide valid product combinations.
  • Scalable offerings: Offer custom products anywhere in the world, in any currency and language. Leverage flexible APIs to support a global reach.
  • Multi-device support: Create a seamless shopping experience from online to in-store with availability on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Self-serve admin tools: Take control of products, attributes, and deployments with cloud-based admin tools that keep everything in one place.

Customers aren’t clones and neither are businesses.

According to ConfigureID CEO Andrew Guldman, “Especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that ecommerce sellers need to find ways to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.”

Customization and personalization options are a powerful way to not only differentiate a brand but also meet customer expectations for the overall shopping experience.

“In our experience,” Guldman adds, “a high-quality and highly visual product customization experience can help retailers boost average order value (AOV) by up to 27% and increase brand loyalty as much as 62%.”

Looking to Stand out? We Can Help

Ready to develop a winning product customization program that increases sales, boosts AOV, and enhances the shopping experience?

Our new Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge allows retailers to leverage our industry-leading product configuration software inside the Salesforce ecommerce platform. Standing out has never been easier.

With our powerful customization and personalization solutions, your customers will be able to, too.

Explore the ConfigureID integration now.

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