How Product Customization Boosts Your Sales with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Paula Guevara
March 17, 2021
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If you’re using Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), you’re accustomed to having a wide array of powerful tools at your fingertips.

You’re also used to having a working ecosystem that’s as unique as your business.

But did you know that you can take it even further?

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can build a customer-first ecommerce site that harnesses the Salesforce ecosystem plus integrations that can give your business truly unique capabilities.

Yes, we’re talking about things like product customization suites that hook right into your Salesforce environment.

A product customization platform alongside Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a match made in heaven.

Here are four ways that product customization can boost sales when combined with SFCC, plus how to go about getting these onto your site.

Four Ways to Use Product Customization to Boost Sales With SFCC

On its own, product customization delivers tremendous benefits to brands. Not only is it associated with increased conversions and customer satisfaction, but it’s an easy way to drive up your average order value.

When combined with SFCC, it can take your ecommerce site to the next level. You can:

1. Harness Predictive Intelligence with Customization in Mind

Chief among SFCC’s most potent capabilities is predictive intelligence courtesy of Einstein AI. It allows you to create a singular shopping experience for each visitor according to their search and purchase behaviors.

Einstein AI has several core features. These include predictive sorting for tailored results, smart product recommendations, synonymous search terms, recommended search terms, and customer insights.

Predictive intelligence is all about figuring out what the customer wants before they even ask for it. That means it can help you:

  • Identify when to suggest customized products based on search history.
  • Discover what needs your customer is actually trying to fulfill (and whether a personalized product can fulfill them).
  • Keep customers on your site by offering the chance to build a product that you might otherwise not offer.

2. Get Better Marketing Tools to Find Customers Who Want Customization

Our research shows that interest in customized products has grown across a range of age groups and income levels. However, you’ll still need to identify and target customers most interested in customization to truly reap the benefits of this powerful capability.

Fortunately, SFCC sports a robust arsenal of marketing tools to help you do just that. Within a single interface, you can:

  • Launch and run promotions and campaigns centered on product customization.
  • Perform A/B tests to identify which customer segments are most receptive to customization.
  • Curate user-generated content to showcase configurations that others have created.
  • Recommend the best products depending on where users are in their buying journey.

3. Enjoy a Unified Ecosystem to Keep Operations Streamlined

Once you’ve opened the door to customization, you’ll need the ability to keep it all streamlined to deliver what you’ve promised. Whether that means the ability to track configurations or individual orders or keep up to date with how customization affects your production line, SFCC has your back here, too.

By using integrations, you’ll keep everything in the Salesforce ecosystem. That allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your operations even as you draw on other resources like product personalization software.

That visibility will also help you avoid potential problems. For example, product customization can lead to surprising combinations and potentially off-brand creations. With a product configurator that integrates fully with SFCC, you’ll have precise control over which configurations you offer customers – all drawn directly from your own business intelligence. 

4. Bring New Configurations to Market Even Faster

Whether you’re responding to customer requests or jumping on a new market opportunity, the ability to move faster than your competition increases your chances of success. 

That’s what makes a unified ecosystem like Salesforce so powerful.

This speed advantage also extends to your integrations. SFCC can also dramatically decrease the length of time it takes to bring a feature to market. That includes customization and personalization options for new products.

Imagine delivering new configurations within hours of being asked for them. By leveraging SFCC, it’s not just possible, but completely within reason.

How to Use Product Customization Software with SFCC

Offering product customization is a fantastic way to boost your sales and your average order value. When combined with SFCC’s capabilities, you’ve got a robust tool for delivering an immersive shopping experience without too much heavy lifting on your part.

It’s easy to get started with product customization software with SFCC. Here’s how you do it:

1. Deploy Commerce Cloud. You’ll need a fully deployed SFCC with an ecommerce site and products in your inventory. 

2. Head to the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace. Here, you’ll find all sorts of integrations from third parties to add even more capabilities to your ecosystem. To get a product customization integration, you’ll want to go to the Personalization category.

3. Choose and download your integration. Click on the “Full Profile” button that appears when you hover over each option, then find the “Download Integration” button.

4. Install your integration and connect your subscription. From here, simply follow the instructions to get started.

(By the way, did you know that ConfigureID now has an integration in the Partner Marketplace? Read all about it right here!)

Get the Right Combinations of the Right Tools. ConfigureID Can Help.

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, there’s almost nothing that you can’t do. But just in case you need something else within your ecosystem, there’s always the Partner Marketplace to find the perfect integrations.

With so much research showing that it works, product customization should be high on your priority list if you’re running an ecommerce site in the 2020s. 

We’ve looked at four big ways that a solid product customization integration can leverage the powerful tools within SFCC. From deploying predictive intelligence to keeping your entire ecosystem streamlined, you’ll be able to efficiently boost sales while creating a winning customer experience.

Now go forth and customize!

Ready to ramp up your ecommerce game in SFCC? Schedule a demo with ConfigureID and see for yourself what it can do for your brand.

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