How Product Customization Can Boost Sales with Magento

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Paula Guevara
March 31, 2021
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Running an ecommerce site takes more than just setting up a storefront and snapping a few pictures. 

To succeed, you must have the right tools to handle your inventory, customers, supply lines, and everything else you need to create that show-stopping online shopping experience.

With over 200 different ecommerce platforms out there, you’ve got plenty of options to help you build a successful ecommerce site.

Magento is one of the best options for enterprise ecommerce. Created by Adobe, it puts powerful tools right at your fingertips with just a few clicks. 

However, in today’s hypercompetitive ecommerce landscape, having a powerful platform isn’t enough. You must take it a step or two further to truly stand out from the crowd.

Offering product customization can help you do that. Here’s how to use product customization to boost sales even further with Magento.

5 Ways to Use Product Customization to Boost Sales with Magento

Ecommerce sites using Magento collectively see some $100 billion in gross merchandise sales each year. That puts it firmly into the category of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there.

If you’re using Magento, you’ve got tons of options to create an awesome online shopping experience. Here’s how to use product customization to take things a step further.

1. Deliver Next-Level Visuals

It’s well-known that product imagery can make or break a sale. Nobody wants to squint at a blurry product photo, then hold their breath and say a prayer while they click “BUY.” 

In the 2020s, nobody’s going to, either. According to a survey by Weebly, 75 percent of respondents are highly influenced by a product’s images. Poor quality visuals mean they click away and go to one of your competitors.

Magento already comes with some solid visuals for products. With the Visual Merchandiser, all you need are quality photos to create a professional storefront.

But why stop at the bare minimum? Take it a step further with 3D product visualization and configuration software that gives them 360-degree product views.

Imagine enticing shoppers first to click on the product, then wowing them with 3D visuals that update in real time as they peruse color options. 

It’s a powerful combo that’s hard to beat.

Check out what it looks like in action for one of our customers, Franklin Sports

Via Franklin Sports

2. Simplify the Shopping Experience with Product Customization

Product configurators do more than just redefine the online shopping experience. They also help simplify things and make customization easier than ever.

One of the reasons customization and personalization used to belong solely to luxury brands was the time it took to deliver them to customers. Previously, customers would have to describe to a person what they wanted, and they’d manually pick out the features. Then they’d need to calculate the price and provide the customer with a quote.

It wasn’t practical for everyday mass-produced goods.

With the creation of online product configurators, that can all happen automatically now with advanced customization platforms like ConfigureID. 

Better yet, ConfigureID integrates seamlessly with Magento to create an end-to-end online product customization experience for your customers.

3. Leverage Product Relationships to Upsell Customization

Magento allows you to create product relationships to help you cross-sell related products. When two products have a “relationship” in Magento, the other will be recommended whenever a user browses one of the items.

If you offer customization on some products but not others, you can use this feature to upsell customizable products as well.

After you’ve created your configurable products, identify all of the products that shoppers might consider. Then, configure these products so they display as recommendations whenever customers browse the other items. The objective isn’t to make the non-customizable products look unattractive – it’s merely to attract the 36 percent of your shoppers who are already interested in customization.

Pro tip: Use anchor pricing with the non-customizable products to make the customization look like a good deal. 

4. Make Your Brand Go Viral on Social Media

Your customers are going to come up with all sorts of startling and wonderful combinations once you empower them with configuration software. Why not show off all of this creativity by encouraging them to share?

It’s not a new trick. Brands have been using hashtags and community social media pages for ages. It’s a great way to create a sense of community around your brand to help inspire brand loyalty. Many brands even take the final configurations that customers order and display them in an inspirational gallery.

And with Magento, you’ve got a few extra tools at your disposal.

In late 2019, Magento integrated Yotpo and Visual UGC to make it easier for brands to display customer photos, testimonials, videos, and reviews. Make extra sure to harness these tools with your customizable products to give people even more reasons to spring for your unique offerings.

With ConfigureID, your customers can share their creations on social media with the click of a button. Check out how it works for Oakley:

Via Oakley

5. Use Product Customization Integrations

Magento can do a lot. It comes with the ability to build configurable products, and its store display layouts can help you create a professional presence from the gate.

But that doesn’t mean you have to only use what they give you.

Magento is also well known for its vast support of third-party integrations to fully customize both the backend and the customer experience.

If you’re going to offer customized products, a specialized product customization software-as-a-service is well worth the consideration. It can let you:

  • Offer more sophisticated customization
  • More easily create rules and product logic without touching code
  • Serve up a sleek user interface that impresses customers
  • Provide real-time pricing as users select combinations
  • Work on any device and browser

Using Magento? We’ve Got Your Product Customization Covered

Research overwhelmingly shows that your customers want to be able to customize the products they buy from you. Providing this service is your key to thriving in the hypercompetitive ecommerce landscape of the 2020s.

We’ve covered five different ways that you can utilize product customization with Magento to boost sales. Whether that means simplifying the shopping experience or keeping your entire business streamlined using Magento’s customer tools, make sure you’ve got a solid product customization platform supporting the shopping experience. We’ve got you covered.

See how ConfigureID works with Magento to increase sales and deliver an awesome customer experience. Request a demo now to get started.

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