Shoppers from around the globe add over
5 million personalized products to their
carts every year with ConfigureID.
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A Trusted & Proven Partner to the World’s Best

Increase Margins

Customers are willing to pay 30% more for a
customized product

Engage Visitors

80% of visitors will return to a brand after
configuring their products

Seamlessly Integrate with Leading Platforms

Drive Engagement with Feature Rich Interactivity

Photorealistic 3D 
Product Visualization
Elevate customer purchasing confidence with powerful imagery
Made to Order 
Product Customization
Customize fabrics, materials, colors, features, accessories, and much more
Text Personalization
Add a name, monogram, or other personalized text – and even include emojis ?
User Generated Content 
and Clip Art
A personal touch by uploading a personal photo or adding unique clip-art
Product Bundling
Create upselling opportunities by combining multiple complementary products
features your customers desire
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