Introducing ConfigureID Studio: Our New and Improved CMS

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Paula Guevara
January 6, 2021
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We’re excited to announce the recent launch of ConfigureID Studio, our new and improved Content Management System (CMS) for product customization. Read on to discover the new features and major upgrades our new CMS offers users of the ConfigureID product personalization platform

ConfigureID Studio is an important upgrade from the Fluid Configure Admin Tools, our previous administration system. Our new CMS uses modern technologies and provides a faster, friendlier, and more powerful experience to our customer.

How to Manage Your Product Customization Program in ConfigureID Studio

The ConfigureID Studio CMS is the control center for creating and managing all the customizable products offered on your ecommerce site. It stores the data associated with each of your products and allows you to manage them autonomously. 

The data stored includes product setup, imagery, and information about products, materials, and colors. The CMS also stores localized language and currency information, configuration rules, and publishing jobs.

In short, ConfigureID Studio is your one-stop-shop for self-serve management of your online product customization program.

Key Features Offered by ConfigureID Studio

ConfigureID Studio is loaded with features that allow you to add new products, make changes to existing products, set up complex configuration rules, manage pricing, and much more. Here are a few of the most exciting features.

1. Set Up and Update Customizable Products

ConfigureID Studio allows you to set up new customizable products for your ecommerce website more quickly and easily than ever before. You can also make changes to your existing products, including adding or removing colors, modifying pricing, adding new languages and currencies, and much more.

2. View Product Customization Details

With ConfigureID Studio you can see all the product details in one place. This includes product attributes like colors and materials, imagery, deployments, configurations, and more.

3. Set Up Sophisticated Product Configuration Rules

ConfigureID Studio allows you to create complex business rules that put guardrails around the product customization process for your customers. For example, if you offer a shoe where the vamp material can be leather or canvas, you can create a business rule indicating that the heel material must match that of the vamp. Rules can be created to constrain colors, patterns, materials, and any other customization option you offer. This is ideal for brands that want to specify design standards or that have manufacturing constraints.

4. Manage Pricing and Upcharges

You can also manage the pricing of all customizable products in ConfigureID Studio. This can include discount pricing or upcharges for premium customization options. For example, you may want to charge more for a premium material such as nubuck leather or charge less for overstocked materials.

5. Manage Localization of Language and Currency

For companies that sell in multiple regions with different languages and currencies, ConfigureID Studio helps you manage all available localization options. It allows you to quickly and easily add product description translations and local currencies by importing and exporting CSV files.

6. Manage the Product Life Cycle

ConfigureID Studio allows you to deploy a product to a development environment for validation during development, to staging for formal testing, and finally to production where the product becomes available to be customized and purchased on your ecommerce website.

Software as a Service

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, ConfigureID Studio requires no installation, and all usage seamlessly happens online. While your customer configures a product on your ecommerce site, the configurator functionality is served by ConfigureID over the internet. 

All of the configurator data in the ConfigureID Studio CMS is stored in the cloud, including code, imagery, data, and services. And you get unlimited storage – meaning no limit on the amount of data, images, or products you can store in your account.

Better Than Ever

We worked hard to upgrade our legacy Fluid Configure Admin Tools with modern technology before the December 31st, 2020 deprecation of the Flash Player from modern web browsers. (Our legacy tools relied on the Flash Player.)

Now that the wait is over, what new features do you get that weren't available before?

  • UX enhancements for easier and more intuitive use
  • Improved performance of the publishing process
  • Upgraded technology stack for more reliable performance
  • Ability to issue updates without downtime for uninterrupted service

Take Your Brand to the Next Level With ConfigureID Studio

ConfigureID Studio and its predecessor Fluid Configure have been providing best-in-class product customization technology to many of the world’s top retail brands for over 15 years. 

Our new and improved ConfigureID Studio CMS has been designed to help these industry leaders take their product customization programs to the next level with more advanced product management, easier product set-up, faster updates, and more reliable service. 

Request a demo of ConfigureID today to discover how your brand can get started with product customization or take your existing program to the next level.

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