Take advantage of soaring demand for personalized products

Consumer demand for customized products is growing by double digits and shoppers are willing to pay 10-50% more for custom items.

Make premium product personalization at scale your competitive advantage. Download your exclusive report today.

Skyrocket your conversion rates, margins, and loyalty with product customization

Demand for customized and personalized products is rising at an incredibly fast pace. Brands that take advantage of this trend will thrive in 2021 and beyond. Our recent survey of U.S. shoppers finds that:

  • Shoppers who purchased 8 or more custom products during the past year grew by 233%
  • 91% of shoppers that personalize products online have gone on to purchase their creations
  • Shoppers are willing to pay 10-50% more for a customized product
  • 53% of shoppers plan to purchase more than 4 custom items within the next 12 months

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Don’t miss out on your chance to discover shopper motivations for engaging in made-to-order products, channel preferences for personalizing products, and the customization features that lead to the most satisfaction and brand loyalty; key insights by demographic are presented.

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ConfigureID is the leading product personalization platform for premium brands.

Our intuitive interface, photorealistic visualization, and sophisticated configuration logic enable your brand to drive ecommerce conversion and value, while increasing product margins and loyalty.

Shoppers from around the globe add over 5 million personalized products to their carts every year with ConfigureID.

Premium brands including Louis Vuitton, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Yankee Candle, Fender, and Franklin Sports leverage the ConfigureID platform to power their online product customization and personalization experiences.

Make premium product personalization at scale your competitive advantage. Download your exclusive report today.

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